Netstar Tracking

Netstar, a subsidiary of the high-tech electronics and communications group Altech, has the largest selection of products in the industry including the flagship Vigil Fleet Management system to their entry-level Sleuth product.
Netstar provides a nationwide recovery service, using a proprietary land-based radio network supported by over 100 fitment centres throughout South Africa and a 24hour emergency call centre with exclusively dedicated ground and air recovery units offering free recovery of vehicles in Southern African countries including Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zambia.

The Altech Netstar system in your vehicle is powered by the vehicle’s battery which is often removed after the vehicle is stolen. Netstar units include an integrated back-up battery to provide power for up to 8 hours to enable it to transmit its signal.

Netstar offers a range of products including: Boomerang, Netstar Sleuth, Advanced Phone-in System and Cyber Sleuth Supreme.

Netstarís Boomerang is an easy to use internet based asset location system which provides the customer with the ability to monitor assets through the internet by installing a small GPS tracking device. Customers have access to real time tracking as well as setting no-go zones through geo-fencing.
Netstarís Sleuth is an entry level phone in system, where the customer advises Netstar of a theft or hijacking incident. The unit is then activated by Netstar and transmits a silent signal which can be intercepted by the mobile tracking equipment for the recovery of your vehicle.
Their Advanced Phone-In System is a state of the art system that utilises a remote arming device that is triggered if the system is armed and the doors are opened, the ignition is forced or if the vehicle is towed away. The unit can be activated by Netstar, by a panic button, by theft entry or by tow away.
Cyber-Sleuth Supreme is Netstarís premium product offering an easy to use internet based vehicle location system, user friendly website with detailed street map, cell-phone vehicle location, automatic health reports and optional panic button and collision sensor. The Cyber-Sleuth Supreme also offers a log book facility that complies with the requirements of the travel allowance deductions South African Revenue Service which is based on GPS information and can be exported to a report for submission.

Netstar also provide Person Tracking products and emergency response services including Guardian and Guardian SOS.

The small mobile GPS/GSM device enables live tracking with the additional benefit of an SOS feature on the handheld device to notify Netstar and a maximum of another 2 emergency contacts in the case of an emergency.
The personal emergency location and response service, Guardian SOS, allows the customer to raise an SOS panic alert through a mobile application on their phone which can be tracked by Netstar to the exact location of the mobile phone using GPS technology. The application can be downloaded onto a mobile phone and is compatible on all networks.
Both Guardian and Guardian SOS include Netstars tracking and recovery service at no extra charge.

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